History of Bowling

"Just roll the ball over the lane and hit the pins!"

In an Egyptian grave stone evidence was found that people passed the time with this game idea already 5000 BC.

How to play today!

Today's way of bowling sports developed in the 19th century.
Imported into the United States in 1840 by German immigrants, bowling was first banned as gambling because of its unpleasant side effects (betting, drinking, quarreling) by the Governor of the State of New York. However, the German and Dutch emigrants did not want to give up their playing skittles. So, they simply changed the rules and the American version of "Bowling" was invented.

What both sports have in common is the goal of the game – to hit as many pins as possible. As bowling it is about to overturn "all ten" and not "all nine" like at skittling, the ball is also heavier and the lane is longer than the lane is while playing skittles. It measures 25.488 m.

The worldwide adoption of rules and standards took place at the foundation of the American Bowling Concress (ABC) in 1895.

Today, there are 139 countries with bowling centers. In the U.S., over 90 million players are organized in associations.

Since 2001, more and more Paderborn players join the great bowling world to assert in the struggle for Strikes and Spares.

Traditional playing skittles
Today's bowling

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to hit the ten pins with one throw. If this fails, the pins left standing can be cleared with a second throw. A bowling game, called FRAME, consists of ten of such tries.

The ball can be thrown as STRAIGHT BALL or as an arc-throw (generated by a finger twist).


A STRIKE, which means 10 pins are hit with the first throw is counted with 10 plus a bonus result of the sum of pins that are taken with the next two throws.


A SPARE (10 pins with two throws made) is counted with 10 points plus a bonus result of the pins that are hit with the next throw.



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