Bowling rules

Interesting facts and tips from the ball to the shoe and from run-up to counting


The shoes

All bowlers wear special bowling shoes. Normal street shoes can be dangerous and leave streaks on the lane. Bowling shoes guarantee that you can slide well, which is necessary. The staff at the front desk will help you find the right shoes.


The ball

After you have been assigned to a lane, you have to find a ball that is right for you. Select a ball, into which you can insert your fingers comfortably, but ensure that the ball is not too heavy. Insert the middle and ring fingers and the thumb into the holes of the ball.



A game consists of 10 boxes, which we call frames. At the beginning of each frame the player tries to hit all 10 pins. If it is successful, the result is a strike and the frame is over. If there are still any pins standing after the first throw, a second throw is made.
If the remaining pins are taken, the result is a spare. If there are still pins standing after the second litter, the result is an "open" frame. The player gets one point for every pin taken.

STRIKE: (10 pins hit with the first throw)
Counts as 10 plus a bonus result of the sum of pins that are taken with the next two throws.

SPARE (10 pins hit with two throws)
Counts as 10 plus a bonus result of the pins that are made with the next throw.


Dimensions and weights

The ball must be round and has a circumference of 27 inches (687 mm) and weighs 3 to 7.5 kilograms.

The pins are 15 inches (38 cm) high, 4.75 inches (12 cm) wide and weigh 1650-1800 grams.

The track is about 20 meters long and 108 cm wide. The track must be flat within a tolerance of 1 mm.

The pins are placed in a triangle. The first pin is also called Headpin. The pins are numbered from left to right and from the front to the back.


A sporting challenge

Although bowling is easy to play, it is very difficult to become a real champion. In the professional field of sports bowling is very scientific and complex. This applies to both – the physical and the mental realm, as well as to the technology of the balls.

To move forward, you must improve your physical techniques and strategies. The main requirement is to review the accuracy and the ability to throw exactly.

To provide a strike, it is almost always necessary to hit the first pin. Right-handers should aim just to the right of the first pin, between pins No. 1 and No. 3 (Pin No. 1 and Pin No. 2 for left-handers). This area is also called "the alley". At this point you have the greatest chance of getting a strike.

Learn bowling

Learn bowling

The preparation is the position taken by the players on the start-up before playing the ball (usually you should look at the pins).

Right-handed (left-handed vice versa):

  1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, the toes pointing exactly forward, the right foot about half a foot length behind the left, most of the weight on the left foot. 
  2. The knees slightly bent and relaxed. 
  3. Keep the ball in belly height, support the right elbow with your hip bone. 
  4. Wrist straight, just keep the thumb pointing at 10 o'clock and the fingers that are not stuck in the hole, pointing at 4 o'clock 
  5. A straight line goes from the shoulders through the knees to the front foot. 
  6. Look carefully forward, your eyes on the target.
The ball delivery

The ball delivery

For right-handers:
Start with a proper setup. Push off the ball, straight forward and slightly downward. The right foot follows this movement. Let the ball swing on the shoulder as you go forward. The ball starts to swing forward and swings past as you go. When the ball moves over the foul line (and you slide), the thumb slides out of its hole and the ball rolls over the fingers.
Attention: When you step over the line, you lose points!

Bowling manners

Good bowling manners

  • Be ready to play when it's your turn, do not delay the game. 
  • The player on the right side has "right of way". Let him play first. 
  • If another player has already set up, let him do his throw, without interrupting him. 
  • Be sure to always stay behind the foul line. 
  • Always pay attention to your equipment - you only wear bowling shoes on the start-up and consume no food or drinks in the game zone. Chewing gum, spilled drinks, food or even just dust from a pencil can cause serious injuries. 
  • Fights or playing catch can be very dangerous. 
  • It's no fun if you play bad, but always be a good sportsman and cheer for the other players.


  • Take up the ball with one hand on each side of the ball. Make sure that you do not pinch your fingers. 
  • Leave the ball lying in the ball return when it is not needed. A ball on the chair may fall down and injure someone. 
  • Do not race at the bowling alley. 
  • If you go to the toilet, make sure that no water comes to the bowling shoes. Wet shoes can cause that you get stuck on the startup. Maybe you should even put off your shoes, when you leave the player zone.


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